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From the founding partners

      We have had long careers in international banking and corporate finance. We have worked in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Australia, and we have been involved in countless cross-border transactions of all kinds involving companies, governments, institutions and individuals.

      We have developed a strong belief over time that success in the outcome of a complex transaction often depends on the effectiveness with which the parties choose, coordinate and manage their professional resources, both in-house and external, as the transaction progresses through its various stages, week after week, month after month. Based upon our experience, a company whose management team cannot afford to divert focus from day-to-day operations or whose staff members do not have the expertise necessary to manage effectively a transaction may not achieve the best deal or may miss a market window. Similarly, a group of uncoordinated institutional creditors might obtain better restructuring terms if they were coordinated and led by an independent and experienced representative who negotiates with the weight of their collective holdings. By the same token, the interests of a minority shareholder in an acquisition target may not be adequately represented by the company's appointed investment bank.

      We believe that transaction management is a real market need - one where our particular talents as outside consultants or transaction specialists can bring sophisticated value-added support to managements or to individual and institutional investors.

      Our many years of representing and advising corporate clients and international investors have given us a solid understanding of their concerns with regard to operational and performance oversight and corporate governance issues in respect of their foreign investments. Recent corporate scandals have led to increased scrutiny of how companies are run, leading to debate on, and regulation of issues, such as board composition, the role of board committees and director qualifications. In this context, we believe that our board membership experience will be of value to investors seeking qualified board candidates capable of designing and implementing appropriate governance and oversight programs and of enforcing their compliance. As a result, we are available to serve on boards of directors of publicly- or privately-held companies as designee of shareholders looking for trustworthy, professional and effective board representation for their investments in Latin America.

      Managing transactions and representing and promoting the business interests of our clients is something that we enjoy doing and do well. We believe that in establishing Mountmill Partners, we are making available to companies, institutions and individuals services that will contribute to the success of complex corporate situations, in particular those made more challenging by cross-border dimensions.

Horacio Milberg Dimity Giles

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