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Mountmill Partners is a consulting firm that specializes in providing financial and transaction management advice, as well as corporate and investor business representation. Horacio Milberg and Dimity Giles established the firm in January 2003 to capitalize on their extensive knowledge and expertise in international banking and corporate finance. The firm operates out of Buenos Aires and New York.

The mission of Mountmill Partners is to protect and promote the business interests of our clients, whether in the management of transactions or in the representation of their interests.

Our clients are corporations, financial institutions and institutional and individual investors mostly from the United States, Europe, Latin America and Australia.

The business situations in which we become involved for our clients, either for transaction management or investor representation services, are generally domiciled in South America, principally Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru.

Our service areas are:

+ Transaction Management and Advice – Providing corporations, institutional investors or creditors, and shareholders with management support and financial advice in the design, implementation and execution of international corporate finance transactions, such as capital raising, debt restructuring, mergers, divestitures or related business combinations and project finance.

+ Corporate and Investor Representation – Representing the business interests of international companies and investors in Latin America. The partners, individually, are available to serve as members of the board of directors of publicly- or privately-held companies, either as independents or as representatives of shareholder groups.

Our firm’s philosophy is that our clients should be served on an exclusive and specialized basis so that each is assured of the individual attention of at least one of the partners in all aspects of an engagement. We believe that this approach is essential to building relationships of trust necessary for efficient and successful business outcomes. Consistent with this approach, our firm handles a limited number of assignments at any point in time. Despite the time-intensive nature of the services that we offer, our advice is cost-effective for our clients, as remuneration is generally based on fees for transaction success and includes a nominal monthly retainer.

Each of the partners has over twenty years of high-level experience in international banking, corporate and project finance, debt restructuring and financial management gained from the perspective of senior banking professionals based in New York, London, and Melbourne and from executive positions with, and board membership of, publicly held, Argentina-based multinational companies. Our partners have worked for corporate, institutional and public sector clients in the United States, Australia and most Latin American and Caribbean countries. Together, they have accumulated broad knowledge and understanding of the workings of the international banking, financial and institutional markets, including bilateral and multilateral finance and development organizations. Through their corporate client relationships and corporate positions, the partners have acquired expertise in a variety of industries including media, Internet, cable and telecommunications, retail, beverages, agribusiness, natural resources and capital goods. Their years of experience have also enabled them to develop an extensive network of institutional and professional relationships with leading banking, financial, legal and accounting institutions and individuals in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Australia.

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